E-Book Solution

DocKiFi is a well-qualified company that provides high-quality digital conversion and e-book creation services at sensible costs. We have established expertise across diverse categories and footprints all over the world. Our wide clientele all over the world testifies our proficiency at document conversion services.

Built on foundation of quality, trust, and pre-eminent desire to achieve customer delight, each of our XML file conversion process is built on customized validation rules to display e-book in the most appropriate manner.

Being at core of digital conversion services, DocKiFi possesses huge experience in XML conversion services specifically for DAISY-XML file, for example, e-book conversion. We have provided e-book conversion services to some of the internationally renowned clients.

We pride it in making the e-book version just as beautiful as the print edition, with proven top-quality results. We are continually pushing the boundaries to take advantage of the interactive and multimedia features of ePub3 and have been successfully creating enhanced ePub3 versions of e-books. Our e-books are created using the latest standards of:

  • HTML 5 and CSS 3 support
  • Interactive e-books
  • Rich-media features
  • Audio-video embedding
  • Animation
  • JavaScript functionality
  • Styling, fonts, and coloring, giving a rich feel to the e-books.

We are always on the cutting edge, working closely with the top e-book retailers to ensure compatibility. We have created several ePub3 enhanced e-books for highly illustrated book titles on children, cooking, and lifestyle. Our clients have had high success rate with their release constantly being among featured sections and retain top-listing at iTunes store. We believe in helping our customers to generate continuing sources of revenue in Digital Publishing.

Digital-only E-book Designing
We can create stunning looking designs for your e-books. We have helped many independent authors to publish their digital-only books successfully.

Generally, e-books are designed for:

  • iPad, iPhone, iOS devices
  • Kindle devices
  • Google android devices
  • Samsung and other devices
  • Kobo.

We have specialization in designing critical layouts for:

  • ​Cookbooks, travel books, comic books, and children books
  • Fixed layout e-books and re-flowable e-books​.

DocKiFi Value-Adds

Wide experience and technical competence: DocKiFi has been working with the world’s leading institutions. For those esteemed clients we have been providing a wide variety of projects ranging from e-book creation, digitization, document conversion, web research, data extraction, cleansing, standardization, analysis, etc.

Project Management and Cost Efficiency

Following our detailed project execution methodology, we put you into direct contact with Project Manager who supervise your document and assignment properly. They also keep a thorough check on the progress and quality of the conversion, acquaint you with regular updates, and take input data from your end by making a channel to establish good relationship at every step.

This clear line of communication between you and DocKiFi teams ensures that your project is delivered as per discussed time frames with 100% accuracy.

Precision and Accuracy 

We are fully adhere to client specifications as per norms of the company. To ascertain that your project is error-free, each formatted document is thoroughly checked before delivering the final copy, to match with your exact needs.

Solutions for Publishers

  • E-book conversion 
  • E-book designing
  • Publishing production
  • Pre-press production

Trial Offer 

We offer a sample (trial) job without cost or obligation to give valuable insight into our high-quality service and quick turnaround time, before embarking on the entire project.

Clients’ Advantage:

  • Cost effective e-book conversion services
  • Dedicated XML conversion specialist assigned to your project
  • Convenience of sending data via email, mail, FTP upload or CD/DVD
  • Speed to market with really speedy conversion
  • 99.995% accuracy of conversion
  • Fully transparent systems
  • Detailed analysis of content structure
  • Highly seasoned organization with multiple projects accomplished in e-book conversion services