Data Dressing

Our Capabilities: Digitize, Abstract, Analysis, and Consultancy


Ask our clients what made them choose us and you will likely to get many different answers in favor of outstanding services. There is one thing to which they will all agree on, though we deliver outstanding results in a record time frame.


DocKiFi offers customized publishing services that match international standards in terms of precision and timely execution of products. This organization has vast experience of processing a large volume of data required by major corporate world and government organizations.

1. E-book solution
2. Digital publishing
3. Editorial services
4. XML conversion
5. HTML/XHTML conversion

6. Legal, medical, and academic publishing 

7. Content management services

Every business requires someone to care, manage, and analyze data to maintain for future use and its relations to clients. Whether you sell products or provide services, Coingeit Technologies Private Limited (CTPL) can help you in managing your data and support the business process. We wish to maximize your company's performance.

So, schedule a consultation appointment with one of our Business Process Experts as soon as possible to determine your company's need.

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