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​​Indexing provides a reader with quick access to information carried inside. They work as a book-map, usually combining title and corresponding indentation.

DocKiFi provides Indexing Services to publishers, book packagers or anyone involved in publishing or writing business. Our wide spectrum of services include content indexing, file indexing, document indexing, book indexing, etc.

Organizing Concepts

Our Indexing service is completely human-controlled. It involves reading fiction/non-fiction books, critically analyzing which information is important, summarizing it, and grouping related concepts together. Our teams have the ability to conceptualize ideas and organize them in a systematic order.

We identify Indexing and Coding field requirements as:

Simple and Automated: Based on a single or twin field of concatenation of characters, indexing can be created using simple index expression. It might also have something like a bar code pre-applied on a document by a printer or scanner.

Complicated: Where the entire document is required to be read and coded in categories of document types. This also includes locating unstructured data, analyzing text and concepts, identifying relevant concepts, indicating their relationship to each other and putting them in systematic order.

App Areas:


​​Editorial Services

Indexing Services: How we proceed
When you outsource Indexing Services to us, you get quality work with reliable turnaround from our skilled editing professionals. We put you in contact with a Project Manager to supervise your project. He/she first understands your requirements and then sees that those requirements are met through the execution stages.

We try and understand your exact specifications regarding:

  • Paper size and format

  • Number of Index entries per page

  • Delivery method-FTP, E-mail or CD/DVD

  • Output format

  • Tabular or Illustrated Index

On receipt of input files, we prefer going step-by-step. Though indexes can be compiled in single go, we prefer waiting till the first pass proofs. This allows us to identify problem areas and save on time.

Advantages of Using Our Indexing Services:
We create perfect indexes for every project we receive and ensure our clients receive accurately categorized indexes backed with cross-references of terms that might interest them.

Our highly skilled book indexers create/format book indexes to client’s specifications and Style Guide. They use parallel construction, double-posted entries, and suitable cross-references to help readers quickly access the desired information.
Any typographical error or inconsistency present in the text is also marked / flagged to enhance the value of your book content.
Our Indexing Services can be clubbed as a part of the turnkey conversion project or availed individually.
Confidentiality and Security of the documents is ensured through password protection, restricted access and confidentiality agreements.

Free Trial is offered to provide some valuable insight into our indexing capabilities before you outsource the entire project.

Our Key Indexing Services include:

  • Meta Data/Bibliographic Indexing
  • Back of Book Indexing
  • Faceted Indexing
  • Semantic Indexing
  • Indexing
  • Archiving Legacy Documents
  • Keyword Indexing
  • Image Indexing
  • Full Profile and Text Indexing
  • Metadata for Digital Object Identifier
  • CD Rom Cataloging and Publishing

  • Business Documents
  • Invoices
  • Purchase order
  • Voucher
  • Part Lists