We strive to help Legal Publishers (Indian and International) to build and develop a solid foundation based on strong legal database and data analytics. We work together to improve revenue and productivity by managing and deploying database. Find out how we can help you and your business today!

Legal Publishing Outsourcing

Our pre-published content processing includes copyediting, language editing, proofreading, typesetting, indexing for books, journals, and e-published data.

Legal Support Services (LSS)

Contract Management

Review and draft legal documents, contracts, agreements, etc., to cover all aspects of non-litigation areas, including drafting research memoranda, law surveys, and comparisons of the laws of various jurisdictions.​

Legislation/Statutes Update Service

National and international legislation or statutes updates, SLA (service-level agreement) based services for online repository and print data updation with required packaged editorial services.

Citing References

Define and segregate cases referred in the judgments under various categories like mentioned, discussed, overruled, etc.

Classification and Subjecting of Cases

We categorize cases under various subjects as well as topics which are defined by clients for easy segregation and retrieval of data.

Judgment Processing with XML Tagging 

 National and international judgment processing with automatic framework supported by workflow and tools to download and de-duping of Judgment, XML tagging, indexing of key fields of Judgment  for online and print publication and also for multiple analytics.

Case/Head Note Writing

National and international (US, UK, Canada, South Africa, Bangladesh) perfectly written case study introduction, held opinion, and ratio with facts and keywords for all category, i.e. tax, services, criminal, civil, etc. Our experts help legal publishers to write factually correct and consistent case/head notes.