Typesetting and Composition
We provide typesetting, composition, pagination, proofreading, and copyediting services. Our experts use the latest Pagination software.


Experts write abstracts for the content as per house style of publishing industry. Publishers use it to give information in brief about books, journals, and blogs online. Basically abstract is a short and powerful statement that explains a larger work. It is a summarized form of documents containing all the relative points of document​. It does incorporate keywords found in the text. 

Medical Content Writing

Perfectly written content by SMEs from medical background includes abstract, keywords, introduction, main body, front and back matter along with references, indexing, glossary, etc. They help publishers to write factually correct and consistent content.

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Medical Publishing Outsourcing

Copyediting and Proofreading

Our experts do copyediting, language editing, and electronic proofreading (EPR). Compare the content from the main source to identify errors and mark them on PDF. Our aim is to retain author's intended meaning and check spelling and grammatical errors along with style to maintain consistency throughout in the text.                 

HTML to XHTML Conversion

Enhance the accessibility of your content to wider range of targeting readers through wireless and handheld devices; you can also avail our HTML to XHTML conversion services at your door step.


Translation of books, journals, manuals, etc. with multiple permutation and combinations of International and Indian regional languages. Experts focus on content localization while translating content from one language to other.

E-Book Solution
Create and design E-books in various formats like .mobi, .epub, etc. These books are compatible with all types of devices.

Content Editing

Get your manuscript meticulously edited by our expert copyeditors, regarding correction of spelling (US/UK English), punctuation, and grammatical errors, and get it ready for submission to publishers within a specified time frame and sent to press for publishing.

XML Conversion
Convert data from one format to other, like HTML, SGML, XML, etc. This helps us to digitize data and make it web-compatible and easily accessible to have expertise for both Journals and Books.


We provide completely human-controlled indexing for fiction/non-fiction book's cover, back of book indexing, metadata/bibliographic indexing, faceted indexing, semantic indexing, archiving legacy documents, keyword indexing, image indexing, full-profile indexing, text indexing, metadata for DOI, CD-ROM cataloging, publishing, etc.