Pool of  best trained tutors

Find a better match online from over 6,000 personally interviewed tutors. Recent experience of the syllabus and A/A* exam grades mean that our tutors can share specialist insights into their subjects.

Effective Delivery online lessons

Take one-to-one lessons online at a time that suits you, on a platform that’s packed with useful tools. Talk face-to-face with video chat, share files, collaborate on problems and even playback tutorials

Achieve better results

With a better choice of tutors and an engaging, one-to-one lesson space, our students consistently report success – whether that's increased confidence, a new desire to learn or improved grades.

Content Enrichment
Our Team create and map taxonomies and metadata schema to your legacy and newly developed content to improve discovery, management and reusability while creating pathways for new learning models which comply to international open standards.

Project & Home Work Support Service

We provide end-to-end pre-print and e-pub services as per publisher's standard style. We do content development, copyediting, proofreading, conversion of XML/XHTML, typesetting, and composition of different kinds of academic books.

Test-Prep Expert Support 

​We have analysed various Competitive and Corporate entrance exam patterns for multile year and developed the framework based on analytics.

Our experts/SMEs develop the content and assesments helps in preparation of Engg/Diploma Exam, Banking -Clerk, PO, etc. B.Ed./M.Ed., Gate/ JTO/ DRDO /ISRO, SAT, CAT, UPSC, Railways, Defence Services - Airforce/ Army/ Navy, SSC, MTNL, BSNL, NTPC, BHEL, FCI, DOP etc.  

1 to Many (Online Classroom ) K -12

Provide the daily or week-end online classroom programs based on various curriculum. Tutor Service Provider can enroll seat as on demand for complete course or for a particular class.

1 to 1 Learning (Private Tutor) - K-12

We have strong pool of  trained online teaching resources helps in teaching all core subjects of the US, UK, Australian & Indian curriculum.  Our excellent on demand online tutors for all subjects  are well known for their thorough knowledge of the curriculum for respective boards.
Our tutors will use your content or DocKiFi content  to  guide with the perfect methods and tips to stay ahead in class, even if student fail to understand what was taught by your teacher in school. 

We strive to help Online Tutor Service Providers (Indian and International) to deliver the effective online  learning services by providing the access to trained pool of Subject SMEs for 1-2-1 and 1-2- many private learning, Project & Home- work support, Course Material for adaptive learning, Online Learning Platform 

Online Tutor Services (OTS) B2B Only

Online Learning Platform

We provide integrated and interactive learning sessions, online lessons, and virtual class with the support of online instructors, instructor-led lessons and continuous performance with monitoring and management.

E-Learning Content Services

We help Tutor Service Providers in developing lesson-plan with 2D  & 3D animated concept modules as per the published course book or e-book or board curriculum and Educational Systems.. It complies to standards like SCROM,