Outsourced Scanning and OCR services is more efficient way of handling business. It ensures that your core business does not get side-tracked and the document imaging project is completed on time, within your budget and up to your needs.

DocKiFi  provides premier quality and speed in document scanning and OCR services. Our scanning technicians are experienced to provide you the best value for your money.

We let you being high-tech without having to invest in expensive equipment, trained technicians and ever changing software and technologies.

Manual Scanning: We convert fragile archival documents, old books, manuscripts and pamphlets, delicate documents which need to be manually checked for clarity, and bound books (which cannot be cut or unbound for whatever reason) through Manual Scanning using flat-bed scanner.

Automatic Scanning: Using high-speed automatic document feeder scanner, our technicians scan thousands of single or double sided pages with utmost precision and quality. To offer you impeccable scanning services, we pay careful attention to document preparation, removing earmarks, pins, staples, etc., followed by proven and secured scanning procedures.

Once we scan and digitally archive your documents, we provide customized storage / output format of your documents.

Scanning & OCR Services

Large Format Scanning:

We are well-equipped to provide large / wide format scanning for architectural and engineering drawings. We can scan large format blue prints, topographical maps, mechanical drawings, architectural plans, engineering drawings, etc., used by engineering companies, architects, builders, government bodies, public utility bodies and industrial firms. We create proper indexes of your scanned drawings for import into document management systems or for writing on a CD/DVD.

OCR Scanning (Optical Character Recognition) Services:

To convert your scanned images into live, searchable and use-able documents, you can avail our OCR services. This allows for easy access, editing and manipulation of content. Through Optical Character Recognition (OCR), data entry becomes faster, accurate and efficient. Including HTML, We provide multi-lingual  OCR Scanning. We have been consistently developing the necessary expertise & capacity to take full advantage of OCR technologies.

Advantages of using our Document Scanning & OCR Services:

  • Faster Turnaround- With highly skilled and experienced technical staff, latest equipment, and expertise to produce exact results you need, DocKiFi is capable of handling your rush-hour jobs.
  • Secure Access & use of Databases- Digitization of data ensures that your files don’t get damaged / lost or misfiled.
  • Quality- Our strenuous QC procedures ensure that the quality of converted data is the highest.
  • Substantial Cost Savings- Documents processed at price much lesser to your domestic markets.

We strive to help business owners develop a solid foundation and business strategy so they can be successful. We will work to improve revenue &  productivity by managing the business data. Find out how we can help you and your business today!